Tell My people ... "There is one hope for South Africa and the nations in these desperate times, and that hope is a church on Fire with the Holy Spirit!"


What is the Lord doing and what is about to unfold in this nation and the nations of the world? There is a Spirit-driven revolution rising where the living church, made up of Fire-filled believers will rise. A new move of the Holy Spirit that will bring the church of God back to become the Book of Acts church once again, the church made up of people on Fire for God and not of stone and cement.


Our religious efforts and events have been unsuccessful to impact the need of our nation. We need fresh Fire and Anointing to be poured out on all of God's hungry people, from grassroots level. The time for celebrity preachers and celebrity events is over. There is almost no footprint left to mention, besides the one of their own congregations and meetings. The time for entertaining people and immature ministry has come to an end. We need a national impact of the Holy Spirit, and we need God to do what He alone can do and what we can only serve in to facilitate for Him to accomplish.


This is a Vision that comes directly from the Father's heart. A Vision where it is no longer about high profile figures, mega churches, entertainment,  or entertaining messages. There is an outcry and a famine for the true and authentic work of the Holy Spirit among His people and in the hearts of His people.








In 2014 the Holy Spirit began speaking to me about a season of New Glory that was to come. He said that it would be a season such as we have never seen or encountered. A season of the Holy Spirit working in new dimensions of Glory that we know nothing of. New methods, new impartations, new Revelations, would unfold to propel His church and His people into and unto a new platform they have never stood on before.

A platform He would construct for the final day of the outpouring of His Holy Spirit through His church, that He would have prepared for a final day harvest, that will last for many days on the earth. A harvest that will exceed all other harvests previously known!


In 2016 the Holy Spirit drew me aside from all crusade activities, although we were on a spiritual high at the time with large attendances and seeing thousands being powerfully touched, filled and transformed by the Holy Spirit, over just a few months.


He said,


"I want you to come aside and to sit at My feet in preparation for the new season that is about to come. I want to prepare you with what you will need and need to know, when it comes."




Three years later in 2019, the Holy Spirit announced that the Vision shall begin to unfold in 2020 and beyond.


He said,


"There will be a New Sound that is coming forth from Heaven to earth that will bring a new wave of My Spirit's Glory to roll over Africa.

This New Sound will bring fresh Revelation to My Church and cause her to rise from the dust to stand upon her feet as My Victorious and Triumphant Church.


It will restore her to her former position of Glory, so that she may be ready to be My vessel of Glory for the coming season of harvest that will follow soon after she has been restored as My crowned Jewel. Crowned anew with My Presence and My Power, and as the vessel of My Person through whom I will be presented in, to the nations.




“Tell My people that I AM preparing them for the greatest season of harvest the world has ever seen.


Tell them to heed and to hear the New Sound that is coming,  for it comes to destroy every religious foundation that has been laid in them. It is coming to rent every religious veil that has been set before their eyes to obscure them from seeing Me as I AM.


Tell them that I AM coming to wash their eyes with Eye-salve, that they may see, and as they begin to see, they shall gaze, and as they gaze upon Me, they shall see what has never been seen, and they shall become the living embodiment of the Glory that they shall behold.”




For some months now I have been wondering what this New Sound will sound like, once the Holy Spirit has been able to fully release and impart it into His Body on earth.




It is the Sound of Many Waters - A Sound from the Heavenlies!.

It is the Sound of a restored people, a victorious Church on earth!

It is the Sound of breakthrough!

The Sound of a new Holy Spirit revolution being birthed into the hearts of His church, in the hearts of His people!

It is the Sound of a raging Fire running through Africa to burn up the chaff, to devour every spirit of wickedness across the land and to destroy the illicit works of the enemy.

It is the Sound of people being consumed with their God.

It is the Sound of God's second Pentecost upon this generation.

Finally - It is the Sound of a Living Jesus burning upon the lips of a Holy people!


It is the Sound of bones rising from the dust to be clothed in Glory. A rising to Heaven's call to ARISE AS HIS MIGHTY ARMY! It is the roar of a people upon the earth, answering the Sound of the Trumpet, sounding forth from before the Throne.


This move of the Holy Spirit begins in the South of Africa, then spreads to the North, and finally to the East and West, before leaping across oceans to touch nations!


Are you ready to respond!


- Johann van der Hoven


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